Based on our staff's experience and technical know-how,
we render full assistance in:

  • Machinery automation
  • Procedural support
  • Advice and analysis
  • Training

Machinery automation

  • Developing and practical implementation of automation concepts

  • Service and troubleshooting for existing automation components

  • Coupling of existing systems to superordinate central computers

Procedural support

  • Analysis of the existing problems

  • Support and expert advice for a solution / approach

  • Development of implementation concepts


  • Training of the operating personnel with regard to procedural matters

  • Handling of equipment and aggregates in case of shutdown or change of material

  • Production engineering with a view to waste reduction and output increase

  • Training of service personnel

Advice and analysis

  • Analysis of the existing production with the objective to increase productivity and reduce waste

  • Expertise in the event of damage

  • Advisory service for production optimisation in film extrusion