Profile Measuring

KDvision freisteller

New scanner for barrier films!

  • Non-contact measurement with multiple sensors
  • Display of barrier layer
  • No radiation, no licensing, no radiation officer
KDvision-c freisteller

Capacitive profile measurement

KDvision-cnc freisteller

Capacitive non-contact profile measurement


Measuring barrier films with display of barrier distribution

KDvision-n freisteller

Radiometric contactless thickness scanner

Technical Data:

  • Telescope units for bubble diameter
    differences from 1500 mm to 4700mm
  • Reversing units for bubble circumferences from
    0,5m up to 25m
Measuring system for various applications, e.g. barrier- and geomembran film.
KDvision-online thickness measuring system available as a stand-alone solution or integrated into the profile regulation.
KDvision-online thickness measuring system installed on a rotating unit. The short measuring time gives a very quick result which, in conjunction with the VARIOcool system, ensures efficient control of the thickness profile.