Film Calibration


Your bubble under control!

We offer top notch solutions for your film calibration systems: Ranging from long-term proven roll based systems to airflow calibration systems. Airflow units operate completely contact free – perfect for sticky and sensitive surfaces.

Roller Type.

The unique calibration unit which:

  • Fixes and centres bubbles of any size, due to central adjustment of the arms
  • Fits to any demand, due to the modular system
  • Keeps the line clean, with patented monomer exhausting system
  • Does not mark the film, due to special execution of segments with low frictions roller or air calibration segments

Additional features:

  • Encased adjustment mechanism
  • Extensive accessories like:
    1. Display of calibration diameter and height
    2. Various roll surfaces available
    3. Display for film dimension
    4. Integration of IBC bubble control
Bild Centro-L-AC_1
Contact-free calibration CENTRO L-AC
True "non contact" calibration for sensitive or adhesive film!
Swivel-arm calibration
Supporting baskets with 2 or 3 roller levels