Air cooling rings/Gauge control

With the KARAT cooling ring, you are choosing the best cooling ring on the market. Leading blown film line manufacturers rely on Kdesign technology and achieve market-leading output rates and outstanding film quality with KARAT cooling rings. And all this with unrivaled reliability and robustness.

KARAT cooling rings are suitable both for new lines and for upgrading existing lines. We will be happy to advise you.

cooling performance

Increase the output of your blown film line and reduce your specific production costs.


KARAT cooling rings are durable, robust and easy to use.

film quality

With the KARAT cooling ring, you can achieve excellent profile tolerances and the best film quality.

Competitor comparison

Achieve up to 50% more output

The output of a KARAT cooling ring is up to 50% higher than the output of mid-range competitors. Compared to high-end competitors, the output is up to 25% higher.

  • Additional output over mid-range competitors 50% 50%
  • Additional output over high-end competitors 25% 25%

KARAT cooling ring

🗸 No introduction of heat into the cooling air

🗸 Sectorial volume control

🗸 Immediate response behavior

🗸 Acts on thick and thin sections

🗸 Negligible energy consumption (0.1 kW)

Heater cartridge cooling ring

↯ Heating up the cooling air

↯ Sectoral temperature control

↯ Slow response behavior

↯ Only acts on thick spots

↯ High energy consumption (10 kW)

VARIOcool gauge control software

Kdesign’s inhouse-developed VARIOcool is the most advanced software for gauge controlled air cooling rings. Through its fullness of useful functions and its ease of handling it has over the years become a quasi-industry-standard that blown film operators worldwide can operate at ease.

VARIOcool is constantly being enhanced and expanded. Existing VARIOcool-systems can be updated to the latest version.

KARAT COM2: Dual lip cooling ring

The KARAT COM2 cooling ring is characterized by high performance and maximum flexibility. It is therefore suitable for all standard applications.

🗸 High output

🗸 Maximum flexibility

KARAT COM3: Triple lip cooling ring

The KARAT COM3 Triple lip counterflow cooling ring guarantees maximum output for high-performance applications. Its high cooling capacity also has a positive effect on the film properties.

🗸 Maximum output

🗸 Best film properties

Anti-paraffin protection

KARAT cooling rings are equipped with unique anti-paraffin protection as standard. The special black coating on the cooling ring lip reduces paraffin deposits on the film. The remaining waxes are collected in a groove and can be easily removed at the next maintenance/cleaning interval. Your film is therefore optimally protected against paraffin contamination.

longer cleaning intervals


KARAT cooling rings are available in numerous variants and with different options. This allows you to select the optimum cooling ring for your application. We will be happy to advise you.

Fully motorizes lip and venturi adjustment

KARAT cooling rings are available with a fully motorized lip & venturi adjustment. All operating points can therefore be approached automatically. Recipe-specific target values can be stored.

Multi-inlet cooling rings

We also offer cooling rings with several air inlets on request.

Manually gauge controlled cooling rings

In addition to automatically gauge controlled cooling rings and uncontrolled cooling rings, Kdesign also offers cooling rings with manual gauge control.

Insulated cooling rings

Cooling ring insulation prevents condensation and thus enables high output rates in warm and humid environments.

Agriculture cooling rings

Kdesign is the market leader in cooling rings for agricultural film production. Leading agricultural blown film line suppliers use KARAT cooling rings.

Monomer suction at the die head

Keep your production clean by extracting monomers directly at the die head as they are created. (Only available for Triple Lip cooling rings.)

Additional venturi attachment

The additional venturi attachment increases the cooling capacity even further. This allows you to get the maximum output from your KARAT cooling ring.