Offline thickness measurement

With the KDvision-Lab, you are choosing the easiest-to-use offline thickness measurement system on the market. The device offers a large touch display and numerous convenient functions that make your daily work much easier.

The KDvision-Lab is suitable for measuring the thickness of blown film and flat film. We will be happy to advise you.

to use

Thanks to the large, responsive touch display, operating the KDvision-Lab is as easy as using a modern smartphone.


The measurement data from the KDvision-Lab can be integrated into higher-level systems, such as your ERP system.


Installing the KDvision-Lab is quick and easy. The functions of the device are explained in pre-installed training videos.




measurement range

Operates as if by itself

In addition to precise measurement, ease of use was the focus of the development of the KDvision-Lab. The result: anyone who can operate a smartphone will immediately feel at home with the KDvision-Lab.

Numerous convenient functions, such as automatic calibration, support your operators. You also have a selection of preconfigured quality reports at your disposal, which you can print or export as PDFs. This saves you tedious formatting work.

Has everything you need

The KDvision-Lab already has all the functions you need on board:

  • Conformity with ISO 4593 and ASTM D6988-13 standards
  • Measuring range from 5 to 500 µm
  • Pre-installed training videos
  • Auto-filter functions, e.g. wrinkle detection
  • Numerous data filters (%, µm, 2-sigma, 3-sigma)
  • Printable, preconfigured quality reports
  • Anti-curling package
  • Data export options, e.g. to ERP system
  • Auto-calibration
  • Auto-stop function when pulling through the film
  • Film basket
  • Suitable for blown film and flat film
  • Pre-installed language packs

With the KDvision-Lab, you can concentrate fully on your core task without having to deal with tedious configuration and formatting work.