Corona Treater Stations

Treater station COROFLEX

Due to their new conceptual design our treater stations type "COROFLEX" improve and economically upgrade your production flow within the treating process.

General information:

The stations are generally designed for one and double-sided film treatment. Standard equipment are a pneumatic roller positioning and IGBT-controlled high-frequency generators (30 KHz) from 1-18 kW

COROFLEX treater stations are designed for
film widths from 900-3900 mm.

Main characteristics of the station:

  • Pneumatically swivelling treater rollers
  • Easy film feeding for an easy start-up
  • Compact design CE-compilant
  • Rollers made of aluminium, dynamically balanced, diameter according to machine and application
  • Reinforced segmented electrodes, torsion-stable aluminium profiles, for large machine widths, with spring loaded feather
  • Easy and precise gap adjustment between segmented electrodes and treater rollers
  • Segmented aluminium electrodes, according to application with 4, 5 or 7 fingers
  • High-performance ozone exhaust fans standard equipment
  • Easy to maintain, simple mounting and dismantling of the treater rollers in case of silicone tube exchange
In addition to the wide standard range we also help customers generate special solutions.

Further to the above mentioned stations which are mainly designed for blown-film lines we also deliver systems for the printing and packaging sector.